Airbnb leads the way into CUBA!

BuzzFeed News- Major Travel and Hotel Companies Approved to Open in Cuba- U.S Treasury grants permission for American companies to jump into the island's hospitality business and allows Airbnb to accept non-U.S. guests.

Beginning this April, Airbnb will be able to host travelers to Cuba from anywhere in the world. The home-sharing company has already been doing business for the past year on the island but was only allowed to accept licensed U.S. visitors.
Airbnb told BuzzFeed News that more than 4,000 Cuban owners have added their homes to its global community since last April, making Cuba the fastest-growing market in Airbnb history.

With his trip to Cuba last week, President Obama made history. BUT he wasn't alone, as Airbnb was also making their own news, being one of a handful of companies to receive permission from the U.S. treasury department to operate in Cuba.

The international growth of the sharing-economy is always exciting news for us at MetroButler.  It proves the acceptance of the platform and validates our position as an important service to the industry. With the speed in which the Cuban Airbnb market is growing, it is further proof that citizens around the world, no matter the cultural differences, all seek the same basic travel experiences.

World travelers yearn to feel immersed in their surroundings, comfortable in their setting, and hope to not break the bank to do so. Visitors to Cuba will now be able to take advantage of all that the sharing economy has to offer. Comfortable homes for affordable prices are now available from Havana to Camaguey.

The only question that remains is...when are you going to book your trip?