MetroButler: Your NYC Airbnb logistics manager...You should probably let MetroButler make you money...Right?

We all know MetroButler is an AWESOME company name and it can be a fun word association game to play with friends...are we butlers that clean the subway?...or a group of tux wearing personal waiters, possibly with British accents? As much as either of these scenarios would be entertaining, we are neither of the above.

So what is MetroButler then? MetroButler is a property management & concierge company servicing the short-term rental industry. Basically, we take all the work and stress out of renting your home on Airbnb while maximizing your profits.  

Going on vacation for a week? Wouldn't it be nice to make money while you're away? MetroButler can help! Let us find the perfect guests to stay in your place while you're gone. By the time you come back we'll already have had your apartment professionally cleaned and exactly how you left it.

Are you paying rent on an empty apartment because your job sends you out of town for weeks at a time? Why not let your apartment pay for itself while you're away? MetroButler can make that happen! Our Airbnb experts will create your profile from scratch with a focus on maximizing bookings and income. We'll screen all potential guests and supply them with fresh linens and towels. Return home to a nice check for doing nothing but your job!

Sounds like using MetroButler is a no brainer to us...Tell your friends! Or Get Started yourself.


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