Airbnb's new features prove the value of MetroButler services!

VentureBeat- Airbnb now lets you add hosts to manage your listing

We've heard from many of our hosts that they'd sometimes like a little help with their listing- while also being open and transparent with guests about who they will be dealing with once they arrive.  Additional Hosts allows for that flexibility- and not only enables a more convenient hosting experience, but also allows guests to feel more secure and better served throughout their entire Airbnb experience. -Airbnb Blog

Airbnb introduced its new standards and expectations guidelines today. Included in the release is the addition of a new service offering that will allow for hosts to give permission to 3rd party individuals to help manage the hosting process.

Airbnb recognizes that being a host is a time consuming process and that there are ways to make it easier. This is a HUGE proof point for services like MetroButler. When we realized that there were barriers to entry for potential Airbnb hosts, our top priority as a company was to jump at the opportunity to fill that void. By offering our knowledge and experience with price optimization, profile building, guest communication, payment routing, professional photography, and cleaning, we know that a MetroButler apartment is better served than a non-MetroButler apartment. 

After a lot of hard work and dedication we are proud to be an industry leader in helping simplify the Airbnb hosting process while also providing extensive concierge services to our guests. Nobody should be forced to make the choice of abandoning their desire to rent their home OR doing so in a half-cocked manner. Let MetroButler help you optimize your experience as a host, and make even more money in the process. Heck, given the latest news, even Airbnb thinks you should.