How Airbnb can help people live in an expensive city!

Fortune- Here's How Much New York City Airbnb Hosts Earn in a Year- Airbnb describes the income as an "economic life preserver for many hosts who are struggling to live in an increasingly expensive city."

As the conversation continues to rage regarding Airbnb legality in NYC, Airbnb recently released data regarding the NYC marketplace.  Airbnb is hoping that the data from the study will provide proof that Airbnb is not affecting the amount of properties that could be on the longterm housing market, but in reality is helping New Yorkers to be able to afford to live in possibly the most expensive city in the world.

The data from the study shows that New York City has had over 40 THOUSAND active listings on Airbnb over the past year with the median income hosts are making at $5,474.  This number goes as high as $8,286 in Midtown, most profitable neighborhood to rent based on the study.

As a service for NYC Airbnb hosts, we at MetroButler see the positive impact Airbnb has on New Yorkers.  As Airbnb stated when releasing their study, the supplemental income that Airbnb provides to New Yorkers while they rent their home on Airbnb is VITAL to their ability to pay rent and live in the greatest city in the world.

Our clients are typical New Yorkers who work hard everyday to make ends meet.  Some of them travel regularly for work and count on the ability to use their home as a source of income while they are gone, to pay their rent. Others haven't been on a vacation in years and can only afford to do so by using the money they make Airbnbing their home while they are gone to pay for the trip.

The services we provide at MetroButler are helping New Yorkers live in a great city and that is all it takes to get us out of bed in the morning and into the office!