You have questions.. MetroButler has the answers!

As the summer fast approaches and everyone is working on their plans for getting out of the city and going on vacation there is no better time to consider MetroButler. Considering the timing, we have been inundated with inquiries about our services and processes. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below and feel free to reach out with any more questions!

Simple questions have simple answers:

Is MetroButler operating in my city? YES! If you live in New York City that is! We have plans on expanding to other cities soon, so check back with us regularly to see if we're coming to your city.

How much does MetroButler cost? Are there any fees or costs? MetroButler has absolutely ZERO set-up/monthly fees or minimum booking requirements as we are commission based. We offer in-home consultations, professional photography, profile creation and property listings FREE! We only collect our fee once your property is successfully booked. We ONLY make money when YOU make money!

How do I cancel service with MetroButler? If you do not wish to work with MetroButler any longer, simply stop providing us with availability dates. We do not charge any cancellation fees!

MetroButler takes care of your place!

Do I have control over who stays in my home? Abso-friggin-lutely! You can provide us with a set of criteria for what makes your ideal guest. We are here to go the extra mile for you.

What happens if a guest harms my home or property? If anything happens while you are away, our professional staff is available 24/7. We have maintenance and cleaning professionals on-call, so you don't have to worry about any type of service emergency. In the unlikely event that any harm should come to your home as a result of a guest, we take steps to ensure that all problems are corrected before your return, at no cost to you. For minor costs, we can claim against the guest's security deposit on your behalf and deliver it to you. For major damages, you are protected by $1,000,000 host guarantee, and our expert staff will even navigate the claims process for you.

MetroButler services and processes.

How much can I make per night for my apartment? This is one of the most common questions we receive. Part of our services include the use of a proprietary pricing tool that optimizes daily based on other listing in your area, hotel prices and any events that may be in your area. Also, we utilize an in-home consultation to be able to walk through your apartment and make an accurate pricing recommendation. The good news is with our expert experience we are able to maximize nightly revenue while balancing occupancy.

What are your services? We could re-write our full list of services but you can check them out HERE!

I'm interested what do I do next? Fill our the Host Questionnaire and we will reach out to you shortly to schedule your in home consultation!

Have any more questions?? Email me at [email protected]