Customer Experience Assistant - New York, NY

Position Description brief

This position is designed for a detail oriented and highly attentive individual. Applicants will be expected to be able to keep track of several actions at one time, keep meticulous notes about service details, and be able to handle last minute requests. This person will communicate directly with the company’s contractors as well as the company’s clients to ensure the completion of service as well as the satisfaction of customers. Due to the fast-moving nature of this position, MetroButler needs to be sure that the hired applicant is able to perform the duties efficiently and correctly. For that reason, the position will begin with a 60-day internship trial period, culminating with a full-time job offer.

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Position Description brief

This position is for per-job contract-basis work.

Butlers provide services for MetroButler “in-the-field.” Butlers provide services to prepare properties for Guests and Host before arrival, at departure, and in between Guests, to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for all...

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