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POSition Description

This position is for per-job contract-basis work.

Team Members provide services for MetroButler “in-the-field.” Team Members provide services to prepare properties for Guests and Host before arrival, at departure, and in between Guests, to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for all...

MetroButler is currently seeking applicants who want the opportunity to do simple work, on a very flexible schedule, for good pay. Contractors selected to complete Team Member assignments will be asked to prepare properties for check-ins, complete check-ins when Guests arrive, and/or complete checkouts and cleanings to prepare properties for Host return at the end of a rental period or for a new Guest coming in. Each check-in, checkout, and turnover (a checkout with a check-in at the same property on the same day) is paid a flat fee (though the rate for each is different), and any contractor approved by MetroButler may elect to complete a check-in, checkout, or turnover only and is not obligated to contract to complete more than one of the above.


-    Collecting hospitality inventory from MetroButler HQ and delivering it to client properties
-    Representing MetroButler, punctually and in a professional manner, for Guest arrivals and check-outs
-    Preparing properties for Guest arrivals, examining properties for damage, and remedying any deficiencies before a Guest's arrival*
-    Retrieving hospitality inventory and keys, and bringing them back to HQ after checkout
-    Supply restocking, when applicable*


-    Reliability, punctuality, professionalism, and the ability to be responsible and attentive
-    Strong social skills, upbeat personality, and comfort interacting with others
-    Ability to be available on relatively short notice (24-48 hours)
-    A mindset that no job is too small or too unimportant
-    Flexibility in schedule
-    Positive reference(s)


-    This position pays on a flat-rate basis for services completed; rates vary by service
-    Ability to accept service requests on a day-by-day basis, based on your own availability
-    Opportunities to earn bonus pay when applicable