I hereby acknowledge that I understand the nature and risks inherent in renting my home and agree to fully, solely, and voluntarily assume responsibility for all of those risks as well as all other risks, known or unknown, that could arise out of and in connection with the rental of my home. I certify that I am of sound mind and body, that I have full mental and legal capacity to enter into this agreement, that I have had adequate opportunity to consult an attorney to fully comprehend all risks inherent in renting my home and in retaining MetroButler, Inc.’s Services, and that – with respect to all agreements I have entered into, am entering into, and will enter into with MetroButler – my participation is voluntary and willing, and has been made after I have sought advice from a qualified and impartial attorney or have voluntarily waived my right thereto.

I understand that MetroButler enlists the services of third-party vendors, professionals, and contractors, including cleaning service providers and handymen, among many others (collectively “Vendors”). I agree that MetroButler may use any such Vendor that MetroButler deems appropriate or necessary for the maintenance of, service of, or cleaning of my Property, and that any harms caused by any such Vendor are the I further agree and that if the cleanliness, maintenance status, or general hospitability or habitability of my Property is deficient in any way, to any extent, as deemed by MetroButler in its sole and absolute discretion, prior to a Guest’s arrival or during a Guest’s stay, MetroButler may take any action it deems necessary or appropriate, in its sole and absolute discretion, to remedy any such deficiency or to make my Property otherwise hospitable, and that any costs, including incidental and consequential costs, arising therefrom shall be borne solely by me and may be deducted from any future payout(s).

I understand that certain items, fixtures, appurtenances, or other aspects of my home may be particularly susceptible to theft, damage, or other harm, and that my failure to properly and effectively store, secure, remove, or otherwise ensure the safety of such things is done so entirely at my own risk. I hereby acknowledge, understand, and agree that should any harm come to my Property or its contents, I shall be solely and completely responsible and relinquish any right I may otherwise have to take action agents MetroButler, its officers, directors, agents, investors, contractors, shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, and employees.